Keep a Modest Head - World Premiere


I am happy to announce that my latest, (long-time-coming) new film Keep a Modest Head (Ne crâne pas sois modeste) will be premiering at the
2012 Toronto International Film Festival!

Scheduled screening dates are as follows:

Friday September 7th (Public Screening) -- 7:15pm
Bell Lightbox 3

Saturday September 8th (Public Screening) -- 1:15pm
Bell Lightbox 4

Friday September 7th (Press and Industry) - 9:15am
Bell Lightbox 4

Modest Triptych

The film was started eight and a half years ago in Quebec City, then major production in Winnipeg in 2004 and finally some pick up shots in Paris in 2006. Originally shot on 16mm, the film sat for a number of years as I retransferred the rushes to many formats and finally in 2009 to HD. Because of the complex visual palette of the film, advanced digital technologies were not yet available to the independent filmmaker until 2010 when I was finally able to execute my vision.

Now after almost two years of straight post-production work on the film it is ready!

The film could be described as an auto-biographical film on the last Surrealist Jean Benoît, narrated by Benoît himself as directed by Deco Dawson. Benoît surreal life easily matched his surreal artwork and Deco Dawson’s imaginative, phantasmagoric portrait of the artist is equally as unpredictable and surreal as its subject matter. A celebration of life, love and art, Keep a Modest Head is Deco Dawson’s latest and greatest hallucinogenic, thrill ride, a ride directly into the mind of the last great Surrealist.

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