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Deco Dawson is an international award winning filmmaker from Winnipeg, Canada. His 15 innovative films remain at times unclassifiable, continually blurring the lines between dramatic, documentary, animation and experimental film, often creating fantastical worlds with miniatures, archival footage, meticulous set design, in-camera effects and grainy, textured filmstock.   

Dawson is a two-time winner of the Best Short Film Award from the Toronto International Film Festival for his films KEEP A MODEST HEAD in 2012 and FILM(dzama) in 2001, which also won the Best Technical Innovation award at the 2002 Ann Arbor Film Festival. KEEP A MODEST HEAD has also won the 2013 Best Short Doc Award from the Seattle International Film Festival and the Best Short Doc at the 2013 Nevada City Film Festival. In addition to screening at major festivals worldwide, Dawson has been host to solo retrospectives of his work in France, Spain, USA and Canada.

In 2013 Deco Dawson was awarded the City of Winnipeg Mayor's Award for outstanding accomplishment in the arts and the 2013 Manitoba Hothouse Award given to a filmmaker of outstanding repute.

Presently Dawson is in Post-Production on a feature documentary film entitled “Double Façade and the Unloved City” which contrasts the sustainable architecture movement with the ever stagnant city of Winnipeg and its inability to embrace change and urban planning for fifty plus years.

Dawson has also created a number of music videos, working closely with indie-rock darlings METRIC in particular, and has created multiple art installations internationally. Dawson also works regularly as a video projection designer for the theatre, winning acclaim for his work in the Toronto Star, the NY Times and the Huffington Post.

From 2000-2003 Dawson collaborated with cult-filmmaker Guy Maddin as editor and cinematographer on a number of films including 2000’s BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM OF THE YEAR AWARD from the Critics of Lincoln Centre for The Heart of the World, and the EMMY AWARD winning film Dracula: page’s from a virgin’s diary which Dawson also served as co-director.

Tackling everything from a 9-minute drum solo, to the haunting death of The Black Dahlia, to the forgotten ruins of the Goldrush to a portrait of the last French Surrealist, Dawson’s artistic scope and ambitions are seemingly limitless.

Deco Dawson is currently in development and in various stages of production on a number of new feature-length projects and other commissioned work.
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The Measure of a Place 2014

Keep a Modest Head 2012
                 19min   35mm

Sins of the Father    2011
                 4min   S16mm/HDCAM

Sluice Box and a Rocker    2009
                 8min   16mm/HDCAM
The Last Moment     2007
                 29min   Super16/DBeta
Elizabeth Short       2006
               7min    16mm
 DUMB ANGEL           2005
               9min  16mm/DBeta
Defile in Veil           2003
               9min   16mm
The Fever of the Western Nile
             7min    16mm   2003
 FILM(dzama)             2001
             23min   16mm
Lode                      2000
             13min   16mm
Knout                     1999
             10min   16mm
Luster                     1998
             7min   16mm
Emend                     1998
               5min  16mm

HYDRO: Tergus/Viscus HD/Thermal Imaging

Wondershows (BW): 16mm Anamorphic

Ghosts in the Air - Dawson City
The Labyrinth Lair of the Lantern Lord (with Art City)
DUMB ANGEL Live in Montreal
Id/Ego/Video (The Peter Vesuwalla Video)
CP5 (with Tempsion)
Behind the Scenes: The Fever of the Western Nile
Behind the Scenes: FILM(dzama)
The Arm Wrestling Bear Movie (with the Royal Art Lodge)
Monster Care (with the Royal Art Lodge)
The Night of the Incandescent Flashlight (with the Royal Art Lodge)
Timepiece (lost 16mm film)
A Nearsighted Young Girl Looking for Love on a Farsighted Day
(lost S8 film)
Hitler and the Cat
(lost 16mm university found footage film)