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EMEND 1998

Written and Directed by: Deco Dawson
Featuring: Melanie Bigold
Music by: Patric Caird
Running Time: 5 min
Format: 4x3 1.33

Original Production Format: Super8
Exhibition Formats: 16mm, BetaSP, DVD, MiniDV

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A young woman escapes her habitual tasks through an undesirable alliance with fate.  She is thus forced to witness her own unmerciful and unsympathetic self-destruction.   Unable to accept her destiny, the young woman desperately struggles to free herself from her binding ruin, and thus finds herself eternally doomed to relive her disastrous past.

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Emend marks Deco Dawson’s first film.  Shot while at the University of Manitoba auditing a filmmaking class,  Dawson chose to shoot on Super8 instead of the required 16mm.  This decision would help Dawson develop his “early silent-cinematic style” that followed through his early development and next few projects.

Emend is also the first of 7 collaborations between Dawson and composer Patric Caird.