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Written and Directed by: Deco Dawson
Featuring: Rylan Wilkie
Music by: Patric Caird
Running Time: 7 min
Format: 4x3 1.33

Original Production Format: Super8
Exhibition Formats: 16mm, BetaSP, DVD, MiniDV

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With the use of rapid cutting and lyrical movement, FILM(luster) concentrates on a young man who is foiled into choosing his fate by force of habitual nature.

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Luster is Deco Dawson’s second film.  After some disastrously underexposed results in Emend, Dawson adjusted the f-stop to properly and at times “over-expose” much of the Luster footage. Luster shows off some very early cutting techniques that would become Dawson’s mainstay in his upcoming films.   Actor Rylan Wilkie went in for micro-scopic knee surgery shortly after filming Luster.

FILM(luster) won the Best Student/Amateur Award at the 1999 MMPIA Blizzard Awards in Manitoba, and was also nominated for Best Professional Editing.   Luster won the Best Editing Award at the 1999 International Student Film Festival in Regina, Sask.