HYDRO: Tergus/Viscus

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HYDRO: Tergus/Viscus 2010

Concept and Direction: Deco Dawson
Music by: Patric Caird
Running Time: 9 min 30sec
Format: 16x9 1.78

Original Production Formats: HD and Thermal Imaging
Exhibition Formats: HD, Digital Beta, BetaSP, DVD, Hard Drive

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TERGUS: Exterior Skin
VISCUS: Internal Organs

HYDRO: Tergus/Viscus focuses on the inherent complexity underlying Manitoba Hydro Place, an unbelievably complex, modern glass office tower built in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the world’s harshest inhabited climate where temperatures range from -40 degrees to +40 degrees centigrade.

Hydro Place stands as the first of the next generation of bioclimatic green architecture. A building that could be described as a living, breathing organism, operating entirely on weather station responses to the internal and external changes of temperature and humidity in and outside the building.

Deco Dawson has interpreted the complexities of the building through glossy HD photography on the exterior and stunning infrared-thermal photography on the interior, contrasting the building’s two paradoxical components, its stunning mechanical architecture on the outside and its bioclimatic, living, breathing functionality on the inside.

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