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Designed and Directed by: Deco Dawson

Emily Haines
Jimmy Shaw
Joules Scott-Key
Josh Winstead

Running Time: 4.5 min
Format: 16x9 1.78

Original Production Formats: HD, Archival Video
Exhibition Formats: Digital Beta, BetaSP, DVD, MiniDV

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Part hybrid music video and experimental film, Help I'm Alive travels through the animated archives of the 1950's to create an apocalyptic, frenzied, backdrop for the lead track HELP I'M ALIVE off of indie band METRIC's 2009 release Fantasies.

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The performance footage was originally intended for a live concert dvd of the band's pre-tour for Fantasies. Deco Dawson was originally hired to act as the band's liaison with the production team.

The production company for the Fantasies DVD could not complete the project, however the Help I'm Alive footage was provided to Deco to create this experimental music video.

Help I'm Alive was an accidental hit single! After having been leaked online, the track became much in demand and became the first official release from the album.

The Help I'm Alive short film/video idea was initially developed by Deco Dawson and Metric's manager without the band's knowledge. The first time the band heard of the video is when it was completed... they were blown away and loved the video, three days later it was officially released to all the music video stations across Europe.

Deco Dawson and METRIC previously worked together on
METRIC: Live at Metropolis, where Deco was brought in to re-edit and develop a new concept and visual style for the band's first live DVD release in 2008.

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